Ever wondered about who you were in a past life?

It's an experience I believe everyone should have at least once!

Tapping into your past life can be life changing. It is known to reveal people, karmic wounds, fears, gifts among many other details that give you a more in-depth analysis of who you are and what you've come to heal in this lifetime. 

During this session we bring the body to a complete state of relaxation in order to access the subconscious mind. We walk through a series of doors each one revealing  a particular lifetime. See the roles you played, injuries you may have incurred in that lifetime that may be affecting you in this lifetime, you may even see the roles some of your friends and family members might've played in that life. 

Plenty of times upon coming back from your journey you will realize why certain dynamics exists in your current life, why you carry certain fears or quirks, and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and mission.

Book this healing session if...

💫Feel like you are stuck in a karmic loop (ie: reoccurring lesson) and want to know more about it.

💫Dealing with a connection that feels karmic (ie: lover, family, friend) and want to learn more about your karmic history with that connection.

💫Seeking additional guidance from your past self to resolve/overcome current challenges.

💫Want to give yourself the gift of knowing about your previous lives and go on a soulful journey.

*Sessions are conducted via Zoom or in person.*

*Enhance your experience by booking an "in person" session (FL residents/visitors only)*